Blue Spray Foam Insulation – What Is It?

Published on March 14 2016

Blue Spray Foam Insulation – What Is It?

If you’ve been spending some time researching the various forms and uses of insulation available on the market, then you no doubt came across this new type of foam insulation that gets its name from the very color that it is – Blue! This is a new technology called blue spray foam insulation that follows the same principals of the original foam spray insulation, but contains some different ingredients that many feel will work much more efficiently.

The blue foam is made by BASF, a leader in the insulation industry. It’s a 2 pound closed cell foam used to insulate your attic, walls, doors, garage doors and anything else you need to form an “air” barrier for. This type of insulation was short lived but not removed – simply updated/upgraded to a new purple based product that is designed to be more ecological and still contain the same power as the original spray in foam stuff.

One update to this type of foam spray insulation is that it uses a new blow-in agent (there is a chemical reaction that is created simultaneously when you spray it on and a blow in agent is mixed in, causing it to expand and grow) that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. The R value of the blue spray foam insulation (now “eco” purple spray in foam insulation) is 5 per inch and this is an excellent product to use for both going green and power insulating your home.

With eco purple spray in foam insulation (the blue spray foam insulation is still around, just not used as much as the new eco version) you get an air barrier, a vapor barrier and one of the highest thermal resistant insulation materials available (R value of 6/inch) with only a single required application.

When it comes to insulating your home it’s important to weigh your options and to stand by your standards. Many people are going green and luckily there are insulation foam materials that allow you to get the same powerful insulation power without causing any harm to the earth to get it. Foam insulation is powerful as a sound barrier (sound proofing), fire retardant material, and air doesn’t stand a chance against it.

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